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Top 10 Safe Online Shopping Tips

 Top 10 Safe Online Shopping Tips

Shopping Online provides a convenient way of making purchases at anytime of day, 365 days a year, from a wide range of retailers offering more choice than ever before. However, we would recommend that you take some precautionary measures to protect yourself and ensure that you have an enjoyable time shopping in the global shopping centre that the internet has come to represent;

• 1. All of your usual shopping rights apply online: see

• 2. Know who you're dealing with: get the seller's landline phone number and postal address

• 3. Be aware of terms and conditions: check payment and delivery details

• 4. Keep records of what you order

• 5. EU Law protects you against fraudulent use of your payment card in EU transactions: credit cards give you extra protection

• 6. Only give your payment card details over a secure connection, and never by email: never disclose your PIN number to anyone, and never send it over the internet

• 7. You usually have at least 7 days to cancel an order and request a refund from an EU retailer

• 8. Check your payment card statement carefully: you have at least 90 days to report a suspect transaction

• 9. When you buy goods online from outside the EU:

• • you are an importer and may be liable to pay any Customs Duty and VAT;

• • err on the side of caution as it may be difficult to seek redress if problems arise

• 10. If you have a problem, contact the seller then, if you need to, the payment company, local Trading Standards Office and any 'trustmark' organsiation the seller is registered with.