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Automobile Locksmith Limited

Remote transponder keys – we sell both used and new remote keys, blank key blades. Replacement batteries and other parts for the auto locksmith industry and technically-minded people.

Our Products and Service

All our electronic products are tested to industry standard. If you are looking for a regular supply of remote keys, please register to receive our newsletter. We are constantly thinking of attractive, new offers designed for industry professionals. We receive new stock from our suppliers on a weekly basis; Therefore, if you can’t find the product you looking for call us on: 01733 705009, or, email us: We are here to help!


Make sure that the vehicle you drive has at least two keys for door access and ignition. If you lose one don’t wait to get a replacement, otherwise a greater cost will be incurred if you were to also lose the second one. Modern-day, remote car keys are packed with security other electronic devices. Like every electronic device, remote keys can occasionally fail for a variety of reasons. If you’re remote key has stopped working, firstly check if the battery needs replacing. We can help with this, as we stock all kinds of replacement batteries for remote keys. Please check our listings.

Lost keys

For security reasons, original remote keys can only be obtained from the main dealer of your vehicle type. Hence, the first thing you should do if you lose your car key, is call your main dealer to get a quote for a new one. They should be able to provide this quote over the phone. Assuming that the price and the delivery time is acceptable, before you place your order; you will have to prove ownership of the vehicle you need the key for. In this case, you will have to travel to the main dealership with your vehicle’s ‘Log-Book’. Following this, the key will be sent to you. The whole process usually takes about a week.

Should you wish to save yourself some time and money, you could also try

Search the internet for a local automobile locksmith. Then, give them a call to see if they would be willing to help you. Alternatively, you can purchase a remote key from our company and get your local auto locksmith to adapt it to your vehicle.